Pivot Table Builder web pivot table control ASP.NET MVC demo


This example illustrates how PivotData Toolkit components may be integrated to get web pivot table builder functionality. Reports builder can be embedded into ASP.NET projects (MVC, MVC Core, WebForms) and even into any web application (with PivotData microservice):
  • pivot table data calculations, HTML rendering and exports are performed on the server-side
  • Input data can be aggregated on-the-fly (real-time OLAP, ROLAP) or data cube can be pre-calculated with PivotData Toolkit C# components.
  • can handle large datasets (>1,000,00 rows, > 1 Gb CSV data)
  • supports database-level aggregation (SQL databases with GROUP BY support, MongoDb, ElasticSearch, Yandex ClickHouse etc)
  • labels grouping (several dimensions) for rows/columns
  • grand total, totals column and row, subtotals for grouped labels
  • sort by table values, totals and labels (click on rows/columns/totals label)
  • Multiple values (measures), percentage/difference/running total calculation, TOP N limits (show only first N rows/columns), heatmap, custom formatting/styling rules
  • Server-side pagination for large pivot tables
  • front-end jQuery plugin for fixed headers, sorting, pager
  • export formats: HTML table, Excel, PDF, CSV, JSON
  • OLAP server is NOT needed: all you need is PivotData .NET managed libs or PivotData Microservice (.NET Core app).
You can embed pivot table reports like that into your web application:
PivotData Toolkit for .NET
For any web app
PivotData Microservice